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Breaking Point -- Baily Thomas
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Romantic Suspense: Mill Creek Mystique Series

Hidden Identities -- Baily Thomas


Hidden Identities
Book 2
Out Now!

Clarke Dragoon has lived behind an alias to infiltrate criminal organizations to dismantle and bring them to justice. A similar tactic he's perfected within his own life because it requires his undivided attention. The other benefit is that he can't dwell on what's missing from his life.

Thanks to Aimee Lang's ex-husband, her life was shattered. Now, she must use her new identity to reinvent herself. When a string of questionable events takes place, the well-crafted lies of her new life deteriorate, exposing the horror of her past.

While Aimee's life unravels, Clarke offers his home as a temporary respite. Sparks fly between them, causing the line between reality and perception to diminish, leaving them with life-altering decisions.

Will Clarke and Aimee be able to see past the deception to find the truth and forge a future together?.

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This keeps you guessing until the end. So many secrets you never know what will happen next!  A great cast of characters all tied into a sinister story. I highly recommend this fo anyone who loves suspense with a little spice. The ending gave me a sense of peace after the ups and downs of the story. 

 - C. Gonzales - The Indie Express, 5 stars


Hidden Identities doesn’t disappoint; much like the first book in the series, it’s difficult to put down because every paragraph engages you and leaves you desperate to know what happens next. Start reading when you have a few hours, the story pulls you in and you’ll want to finish it in one sitting. But beware, when you reach the end, you’ll be left wanting more of Mill Creek and wish you had a few more chapters left.

-  KRISTI L. 5.0 out of 5 stars Leaves you wanting more...

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